Building Community in the Diaspora

Community building in North America is Livnot’s main focus and mission

Livnot U’Lehibanot provides an extremely powerful experience which builds a strong sense of Jewish community, encourages personal growth through challenge, and develops a meaningful sense of identity, belonging, and connectedness to the land of Israel, Jewish values, and the Jewish people. At Livnot we believe that community building is a strong component in creating sustainable and long lasting Jewish identity. On every program our Coordiantors and Staff create a family environment that is welcoming and inviting. Our educational program takes participants on a journey of growth, self exploration and reflection. Livnot’s mission is to create Jewish community involvement and participation for young adults across North America, the UK, Israel and anywhere else our Alumni journey to.

One of Livnot’s program’s main focus is tools in building community. Each group creates their own unique community dynamic and learns ways to plug into communities in their local cities upon their return to North America.

Our two week Emerging Jewish Leaders Program (EJLP) is designed around the concept of Building Community in North America and the UK. The Leadership program emphasizes the concept of the ideal of being part of a community from a Jewish and spiritual perspective, and developing skills and awareness of integrating community involvement in their lives.

Livnot’s Alumni are very involved in building community. Our recent Tu Bishvat Initiative in 2015 was an example of our how our Livnot Alumni integrate community involvement as part of their daily lives. Livnot Alumni and Partners organized over 100 Tu Bishvat events around the world – mainly in communities and organizations in the US, Canada and Israel, but also branched out to Spain, Ethiopia, Australia, several in the UK, South Africa and South America. Our Alumni Advisory Board organize several events, specifically in North America. Here’s how you can get involved with our Alumni events, titled: Alumot. Learn more about Alumot by clicking the following link:

Learn more about our EJLP and what Livnot is doing to build community among Jews in Israel and the Diaspora:

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