The first Livnot program in 1980 looked like this:

While the campus, tools and hairstyles have changed a bit since then, the foundations upon which Livnot U’Lehibanot was established have remained the same.  Livnot programs combine meaningful community service, exciting hikes, thought-provoking spirituality workshops, engaging seminars, singing and group cooking, ultimately creating what has been described as “an environment whose essence revolves around the existence of a strong community” (G.B.).  Livnot strives to beautify and mend Tzfat and all of Israel–their infrastructures and communities–and to help young Jews figure out for themselves what Judaism and spirituality mean to them.  Come paint a house for an elderly Russian family, uncover a crusader fortress, scratch the surface of Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah, snap some photos of the breathtaking Galilee, sing in an ancient cistern, learn about Shabbat, and make a few friends.  We’ve got a program for you:

One-week Northern Exposure

Four-week Galilee Fellowship

Six-week Onward Israel: Ultimate Internship

Holiday Hanukkah Program

Holiday Passover Program

Special Parents’ Program