Community Service – Building yourself & Community

Helping out at the Ethiopian absorption center

As part of Livnot’s commitment to community service, Livnot operates volunteer programs throughout Israel. Livnot has partnered with several organizations, including the Joint Distribution Committee, local municipalities and social welfare services.

volunteers building in emek techelet nature reserve

Some of our current projects include rebuilding a community green space surrounded by an ancient crusader fortress, excavating 16th-century Tzfat, facilitating creative activities for Ethiopian children, environmental city projects, soup kitchens, healthy living centers, old-age homes, and more.

Repairing homes of needy families for no cost

Restoring dilapidated living space, gives needy families, a positive change, better self-image, hope and strength in dealing with daily hardships.

To date, over 3,000 homes have been restored in 7 cities across Israel with the help of 24,000 volunteers.

Our Community Service Options include:

1. Fixing up homes in Tzfat, and other community projects in the Galilee.

2. Working in our Emek Techelet Nature Reserve, in partnership with the JNF. Emek Techelet is a National Park located just outside of Tzfat. Volunteers can do community service in Emek Techelet by building the trails, walking on the beautifully designed paths, and able to see our natural habitat and beautiful plantations.

3. Helping restore our 16th Century Beit Hakahal, a National Heritage Site, in partnership with the Prime Minister’s Office and the Israel Government. There are other events available for groups at our Beit Hakahal as well, including Challah making and tours of our campus and sites.

Repairing a broken roof - before

Repairing a broken roof – before

and after

Community Service on the Roof – after the repairs

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