Shalom Beautiful Chevre!

Alumot is a Hebrew word that means gathered wheat sheaves – an image that best describes when individual members are brought together to form a flexible but unbreakable community.

Alumot is also a Hebrew-style play on the word “alumni”, for Alumot is the post-Livnot U’Lehibanot program network that builds on the Israel experience. Alumot is a social venture created to kindle the fire of Livnot through meaningful activities designed to keep chevre connected to Israel and on the path of growing, learning and improving themselves and their home community. Alumot is open to all Jewish young adults, and is meant to be a sustainable, national enterprise.

Our Goals

The program goals are to engage Jewish young adults from Israel experience programs who are searching for community and meaningful Jewish experiences. The goals of this “engagement” are:

  1. Create an open but challenging community for young Jewish adults
  2. Explore Jewish values and traditions for greater personal development
  3. Connect this community to the larger Jewish community through positive activities
  4. Create a cadre of motivated and connected Jewish leaders who will affect their peers and their communities for the better

Let Your Soul Float Back to Livnot

We have numerous inspiring projects waiting to blossom to encourage past participants to enliven the Livnot spirit and energize Jewish communities around the World.  With your help, we look forward to fostering this connection with all the Livnot family.

If you want to assist in the vital Livnot Alumni experience in any capacity- hosting an event, pairing with partner organizations in your respective area, disseminating information to chevre in the near proximity, or just giving a virtual high-five of moral support, any of these would be truly appreciated.

Let’s shine our Livnot light together!