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Alumot Tu B’Shvat/Nature and Judaism Seder

This seder, while used particularly on Tu B’Shvat, can be used at any time of the year to create an awesome fruit party with your chevre and you’ll be amazed how much depth there is to different concepts of nature within Judaism. Flip through and you’ll quickly see what kinds of things you’ll need to make it a tasty and interesting gathering. Let the conversation flow with the discussion questions at the bottom of each section.

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Livnot Haggadah Companion

The holiday of Passover, holiday of freedom and spring, is coming up, and with it excitement and renewal. You might have heard of or experienced the Jewish form of spring cleaning that kicks in right about now, and yet do people remember to prepare themselves in other ways for this holiday? The night of Passover, the Seder, is not always easy to pull off as interesting, meaningful and interactive.

As part of this preparation the Livnot staff has sat down to write a few insights, jokes and questions about the Hagaddah. Of course, in order to make the Seder your own we recommend reading and thinking about it in advance. Here are a few ideas from Israel which you can use, searching either by your favorite staff memeber or by the Hagaddah part you are interested in. Find a question or a thought that really grabs you, and bring that to your Seder. Remember that the goal is to make this a lively, personal and meaningful experience about freedom in our own lives. LeChaim! To life!

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A chevruta session with Yehonatan Shumer and Shira Weinberg:

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