From Recent Northern Exposure Chevre

“Livnot gave me a more well-rounded view of Israel and Judaism, and a fresh new group of awesome people and memories to enjoy. It also showed me another side to Judaism that I wasn’t aware of and plan to look more into the future.”  A.K.      

“Here, I learned more about myself, Judaism and the lives of Jews than I have in 18 years of my American life.” J.L.     

“Without Livnot I would have left Israel feeling confused. Instead, I feel connected to the country and Judaism.” A.C.

“Livnot had a greater sense of community and allowed me to give back and show my appreciation. I also got to experience one place completely, which I hadn’t on Birthright.” J.E.

“Wow, I can’t even explain how much this program has affected my Jewish identity. I really connected to the spiritual aspect of the program and I hope to incorporate that into my life.” R.M.