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  • Zemirot from Livnot
  • Learning Under the Tree

Livnot 30th Year Edition Song Book

Zemirot from Livnot featuring 156 pages of:

  • Blessings and songs for the Sabbath and festivals
  • Weddings (Sheva Brachot)
  • Brit Mila (Seudah)
  • Over 130 traditional and modern Hebrew songs
  • Transliterations, commentaries, stories and explanations to enhance the occasion
  • Kabbalat Shabbat, Traveler’s Prayer, Prayers for Israel and Israeli soldiers, Shema Yisrael
  • Photographs of the Livnot chevre and staff
  • Edited by Tova Leah & Gabi Nachmani


0 – 49 books:
9.00 USD each
50 – 200 books:
8.00 USD each


Learning Under the Tree

A Practical Guide to Judaism and Nature based on modern and ancient sources for your Mind, Body and Soul.

Written by Michael Even Esh and Yehonatan Shumer.Learning Under the Tree
Perfect for educators and those looking to learn
The essence of its message is how Livnot uses Nature as an educational tool to become a better person, to create an awareness, connection, and appreciation of the world around us, and the supreme message each, even the tiniest element in our world, has to convey to us.
This is part and parcel of Livnot’s mission to inspire participants and present to them the beauty and timelessness of their Jewish heritage.


1 book = $20.00
15.00 USD each (plus 5.00 USD shipping and handling)