Build Community

Your Livnot program may be over, but the experience is just beginning

As you ease back into “normal” life, hold on to that amazement that you felt, at your first Tzfat sunset or at the closing circle, and continue building community right where you’re at.

Not sure where to start?  The Jewish Federations of North America are the backbone of many Jewish communities.  Find yours (just type in your zip code!) and you’ll see: what’s happening for young adults, city event calendars, holiday celebrations, listings of other local Jewish organizations, and more.

Create a vibrant, pluralistic community with Moishe House or jump into your next volunteer project with Repair the World.

Are you a student?  Connect with your local Hillel on campus for lively Friday night dinners and other great activities.  If you’ve already graduated, you can still check out the careers section on their site.

Connect with your chevre.  There are 35 years of alumni scattered around North America, many already organizing activities and looking forward to meeting the newest additions to the Livnot family.  Drop us a note, and we’ll hook you up!  If you’re planning a gathering of any shape or size, be sure to check out the educational resources we’ve put together for holidays and chevruta learning.

Spread the Word

Volunteer just 5 minutes, and make a world of difference

Perhaps you’ve thought of volunteering or want to be more involved, but just don’t have hours to give.  You can take a few small steps this year that will have a huge impact on the lives of future chevre.  Here are some suggestions…
  1. Like our Facebook page!  Already a fan?  Share or like your favorite photos or posts from our page
  2. Go to the program pages of our website and use the social buttons to “like”  or “tweet” about it
  3. Visit the Livnot blog and share, or comment on, any of the articles
  4. Write a recommendation on our Facebook page (scroll down on the left side of the timeline)
  5. Call or email a friend that you think would enjoy Livnot and tell them to sign up!

If you have a little extra time on your hands, here are some other ways to help:

  1. Do you have a personal blog? Write a post about Livnot and/or place this banner on your site
  2. Write an article for your local synagogue, Hillel, or Federation newsletter
  3. Share our program flyer with the above mentioned organizations or email it to your friends and family–maybe that’s how your second cousin’s neighbor will have the Israel experience of a lifetime
  4. Leave a few words about your Livnot experience on one of these pages:


Got ideas for the toolkit?  Let us know!