Among Livnot’s 6,000 alumni, over 1,000 of them have been involved in Jewish communal service and leadership roles across a wide spectrum of Jewish organizations and denominations in North America and Israel. 

Livnot is proud to have alumni serving in rabbinical positions throughout the spectrum of the Jewish World. For almost all of these people, Livnot was their first ‘positive’ Jewish experience. These young men and women remain in close contact with the Livnot staff, and often stop by our campus in Tzfat while in Israel on a synagogue mission.



Congregation/Position Location Affiliation
Mark Miller Congregation Beth Israel Houston, TX Reform
Baruch HaLevi Congregation Shirat HaYam Swampscott, MA Conservative
Idit Jacques Vice President of Education and Identity – Jewish Federation of Columbus Columbus, OH Reform
Rich Rheins Temple Sinai Denver, CO Reform
Avi Rosenfeld Founder and Director of Mercaz Seattle Seattle, WA Orthodox
Michael Ragozin Congregation Sha’are Shalom Leesburg, VA Conservative
Howard Goldsmith Temple Emanuel Rye, NY Reform
Mois Navon Yeshiva Mercaz Harav Kook Efrat, Israel Orthodox
Susan Schein Congregation Kol Emet Philadelphia, PA Reconstructionist
Gershon Clymer Joint Conversion Institute Modi’in, Israel Orthodox
Greg Epstein Humanist Chaplain Harvard University Humanist
Yitzchak Falk Park Plaza Jewish Senior Living Community Chicago, Israel Orthodox
Shmuel Birnham Congregation Har El Vancouver, BC Conservative
Michael Bernstein Congregation Beth Am Israel Penn Valley, PA Conservative
David Bar Cohn Clinical Psychotherapist Beit Shemesh, Israel Orthodox