Cheap flights to Israel offered for participants who sign up for a Livnot program (2 weeks or more)

Cheap flights to Israel offered for participants who sign up for a Livnot program (2 weeks or more)

This summer, 2015, Livnot is having two of our premier programs –

1. Ultimate Internship: Galilee Trek & Connect (6 weeks, June 1 – July 12)

2. Emerging Jewish Leaders Program (2 weeks, June 29 – July 12)

Each program is different in nature. The Ultimate Internship Program offers a great opportunity to come for six weeks to hike, experience a magical Shabbat in Tzfat and offers internships on very high levels, in the heart of Israel’s Galilee. Our Emerging Jewish Leaders Program will help launch today’s and tomorrow’s future Jewish leaders who will connect to community organizations in their location through our impactful Israel experience.

One of the main obstacles for young adults coming to Livnot and Israel programs in general are flights and costs. Cheap flights to Israel are very hard to come by, if you don’t know how to look. In general, going through travel agents can save you much hastle, but you won’t necessarily land the best deal around. Our marketing director, Ariel, has access to cheap flights to Israel and will gladly assist anyone coming on a Livnot program to figure out the best way to fly to Israel for the best price.

Here are a few guidelines to look for when booking a flight to Israel –

The Best Sites:,, (or for Canadians). Those generally offer the best deals.

Some rules about booking cheap flights:

1. Sunday is generally the most expensive day of the week to fly.

2. It’s best to book a ticket at least 3 weeks in advance, in order to guarantee the cheapest flight. The closer the date of booking is to the flight date, the more expensive a ticket is generally speaking.

3. Travelling direct is often more expensive than travelling with one stop. Two stops or more are more expensive usually than even a direct ticket.

4. There are more expensive and less expensive airlines, depending on if they are new, what location they fly to and special deals. You can click on the websites (above) ticket by location or choose by airline, and get the best rates that way.


Fly safely!

To learn more about our programs and our Livnot cheap flights to Israel, contact Ariel –