Livnot Community Service Overview

Repairing damp wallsCommunity service has been a pillar of Livnot since it was founded in 1980.  Over 6,000 alumni and 24,000 volunteers have impacted tens of thousands of residents across Tzfat, Jerusalem, Kiryat Shmona, Hatzor HaGlilit, Rosh Pina, Hadera, Pardes Hannah, Or Akiva and Beit Shemesh through apartment renovations, refurbishing bomb shelters, and rehabilitation of public parks and schools. In Tzfat, we have carried out many restoration projects in cooperation with the Municipality and the Israel Antiquities Authority. Participants, volunteers and the community alike are touched by the experience.

Livnot volunteers have been responsible for many Western Wall (Kotel) excavations, aiding in the absorption of Ethiopian immigrants, repairing homes and shelters after fires and damage from rockets during the Second Lebanon War, archeological preservation in Tzfat’s Old City and Metzuda Park, distribution of water during national emergencies, and much more.

Livnot’s Home Repair for the Needy Project

The Livnot Community Service Program was founded in Jerusalem in 1993, in response to the dire need for basic home repairs for thousands of Israeli families living in dilapidated, unhealthy and unsafe homes. Our goal is to not only make essential home repairs, but also to provide a “new start” by restoring a sense of dignity and hope in the lives of our recipients.  

Today, the Program has grown to include seven cities, and we have repaired 3,000 homes – with the assistance of over 24,000 volunteers from Israel and abroad.

Fixing water damaged wallsWe extend our services, at no cost to the recipients, to the elderly, indigent, handicapped, single parent families, new immigrants and families of victims of terror.  All repair projects, done in full cooperation with referrals from municipal social workers, are performed by Livnot’s skilled work foremen, along with the assistance of volunteers.

Livnot is the ONLY organization in Israel to offer a free home repair program to Israel’s poorest, most vulnerable populations. 

Home repairs include treating: mold on peeling and crumbling walls and ceilings, roof leaks, hazardous electrical and plumbing problems, and kitchen counter and cabinet repairs. In addition, for the elderly, we install guard rails in bathrooms and handrails along stairs. After the repairs are implemented, a plastering and fresh coat of paint renews the interiors.

The Community Service Program also includes:

  • Repairing the inside and outside of schools and institutions
  • Volunteering with Ethiopian Immigrants
  • Restoration projects in the Old City of Tzfat
  • Park clean-up and beautification projects

The Community Service Program is proud to have branches in three regions of Israel:

Jerusalem region – Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh

Center region – Hadera, Pardes Hana and Or Akiva

North region – Tzfat and Hatzor

Families, individuals and groups are welcome to contact our Community Service Director, Gabi Nachmani, to customize your own volunteer experience.