Countdown to Passover

Preparing for the Exodus

“Everyone is obligated to regard themselves as if they personally went out of Egypt.”

We don’t just tell the story, we don’t just taste the bitter herbs or eat the dry matzah, but we must also imagine that we too are fleeing from slavery. What is our Egypt? What is our bondage? What are the things that hold us back, and how can we be free?

passover flyer compressedIn the countdown to Pesach, Livnot educators and staff will be providing their own thoughts and ideas about the Passover story, and how it can relate to our lives today. But we also want to here from you.

  • What is your Egypt?
  • What does slavery and freedom mean to you?
  • What does the wilderness mean for us today?

Send us a blog, a photo, poem, video, anything you like and have it featured on our blog and on Livnot social media. Give us your Words of Wisdom and feel like you too are liberating yourself and the People of Israel from Egypt!

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