Every effort is made to take precautions to secure the safety and welfare of the group. We avoid areas which are known to be “hot spots.”  In addition, we always keep abreast of daily events and adjust the schedule at any time to maintain the group’s safety.

Participants are required to follow all safety and security guidelines as defined by Livnot (these safety and security guidelines are in accordance with those of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel). This is true throughout the duration of the program, on hikes, tours, at all facilities and during any and all programmed free time. Livnot staff instructions, whether written or verbal, are to be followed at all times for the safety and security of the participant, staff and group and any and all others interacting or connected with the program and/or group in any way.

Livnot is not responsible for program participant’s safety, or where they decide to travel to, during free weekends. The well-being of the participant on free weekends is their own responsibility. Livnot responsibility resumes upon the participant’s return to Livnot.