From only $195/week–are you kidding?

Thanks to Livnot’s generous supporters we are able to offer our one-week Northern Exposure program for as little as $195.

Full price including room/board  $650
Subsidies and scholarships -$455
Actual cost to you  $195

Livnot U’Lehibanot works hard to acquire funding that allows us to subsidize this program. However, in cases where local Jewish Federations or other Sponsoring organizations provide Livnot U’Lehibanot with a scholarship in the name of a specific participant, those funds will be used to cover the Full Program Cost. Any additional funds, after deducting the full program cost, will be made available to the participant.

Tuition payment includes:

  • Housing
  • 2 meals/day, 7 days/week
  • 2-3 hikes, including:
    • Night hike to ancient ruins
    • Trekking through waterfalls in the Golan and Galilee
  • Meaningful volunteering
    • Renovating bomb shelters
    • Activities with Ethiopian immigrant children
    • Volunteering at clothing/food banks
    • Public gardening
    • Teaching English to disadvantaged students
    • Working together with local residents to improve dilapidated apartments and playgrounds
    • Excavating bakeries and bathhouses from the 16th century
  • Shabbat experience in Tzfat with local families
  • Spirituality workshops (Spiritual Eating, Kabbalah 101, Relationships, and more)
  • Live evening concerts
  • Meeting local artists in their studios
  • Learning through nature
  • Shopping in the open-air market

*program activities are subject to change

For further scholarship information, please see our Galilee Fellowship page.