Northern Exposure – Accommodation in Tzfat

A Typical Day

A typical day starts with a community breakfast and a discussion of the day’s newscast and current events in Israel. Participants either set out on an all-day hike, trekking and exploring the majestic scenery of Northern Israel (including waterfalls and ancient Jewish communities) or are involved in a meaningful community service activity and an evening seminar or workshop on issues of Jewish spirituality, customs and traditions, Judaism and art and other subjects of interest. Participants experience a traditional Shabbat with local Israelis, which is unparalleled and world-renown in Tzfat.  Participants are also given free time to explore the cobblestone alleyways of Tzfat on their own.

The exact schedule varies based on the needs of the community (volunteer projects), group size and weather conditions.  Check out this sample schedule for an overview of what an average Northern Exposure program looks like.

Accommodation in Tzfat

The Livnot U’Lehibanot campus is located in the picturesque Old City of Tzfat, off a cobblestone alleyway lined with artists’ galleries.  The lower part of the campus was excavated from 16th-century rooms with stone arches and domed ceilings. Each room accommodates 3-5 participants, with a private bathroom and a/c.  The kitchen, dining hall, and library are common areas.  A large balcony which offers panoramic views of the Galilee region is used for outdoor dining, meditation, and group discussions.  The campus has wireless internet, and laundry facilities.

Directions to Tzfat Campus