Taglit-Birthright Israel Plus | Livnot Extension Program

Because 10 days in Israel just isn’t enough

Livnot U’Lehibanot has teamed up with Sachlav – Israelonthehouse to bring you the Northern Exposure Taglit-Birthright Israel Plus program.  Get your full 10-day Taglit-Birthright Israel experience, plus four extra days in Tzfat to relax, to learn, to contemplate and to connect. Two sessions are offered for summer 2013: June 2-6 and June 9-13. This extension only costs your Birthright trip deposit, and there is an option to stay until the end of the week at no additional cost (each participant is responsible for changing their post-program travel arrangements).

Tzfat Inspirational SunsetFind yourself nestled deep within the mountains of the upper Galilee, in the artistic and ancient community of Tzfat, the highest elevated city in Israel. Regarded as one of the four holy cities in Israel, the 16th century cobblestone streets serve to remind us of the sages that studied here long ago. The center of the jewish mysticism known as Kabbalah, Tzfat attracts a wide array of inspiring artists and scholars. Enter the beauty of this haven in the Galilee by joining forces with Livnot for a journey of self discovery, connection, and expansion. As a regarded member of the community since 1980, Livnot offers participants the opportunity to engage in community service projects, spiritual discussion, and various hikes to allow for an intimate introduction within this amazing city.

The program provides a four-day exposure to Jewish concepts of environmental responsibility. The hands-on approach and immersion in the mystical city of Tzfat allows participants to focus on the local community and become part of it. Highlights of the Northern Exposure experience offers the chance to unwind after 10 days on the go and…

  • Livnot bike rideSeize the opportunity to get inspired while taking a bike ride at sunset in the Hula Valley nature reserve
  • Leave your mark in Israel as you build an urban garden with Israeli friends
  • Delve into the depths of Jewish study during a challenging night hike through the mountains of the Galilee
  • Learn ancient wisdom from the biblical trees
  • Get creative at a pottery workshop
  • Fill your lungs with fresh air in a yoga session

For more information on this Birthright extension package

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