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Livnot’s Ultimate Internship: Galilee Trek and Connect is an internship and community service program in the heart of the Galilee. Participants can choose from six fields of work either as internships or community service.


Everyone knows it’s hard for young people to get a job today. Employers want you to have experience before they hire you, and they won’t hire you without experience. That’s why doing the Onward Israel: Ultimate Internship program with Livnot U’Lehibanot is the best way to build your career, develop your key skills companies look for and get set for your future.

When you intern in Israel, you show your future employer a range of skills you can bring to the workplace:

  • Rising to the challenge of working in a foreign country
  • Operating outside of your comfort zone
  • Language ability and learning new things rapidly
  • Building relationships with different types of people
  • Motivated, independent, mature and adaptable

Community Service

Ultimate Internship also offers community service options, such as working in Emek Techelet Nature Park, being involved with the Old Age home in Tzfat and other opportunities for participants to engage in a six week professional experience in community service and involvement.

The Onward Israel: Ultimate Internship is challenging and exciting. Full of hikes through waterfalls and canyons and filled with Jewish learning in nature and in the community of Tzfat, the Ultimate Internship is a resume building experience, good for your body and soul.

Join us on this six-week program for Jewish young adults, aged 21-27. For four-week programs, please see Galilee Fellowship dates.

Upcoming Program Dates

Start Date End Date Tuition
June 1, 2015  July 12, 2015 $500


Onward Israel: Ultimate Internship includes

  • Practical Experience gathered through a range of tailor-made Internship options. These choices include: Business development, marketing and public relations, medicine, public health, nursing, MADA, website design, video and photography, Chinese medicine, yoga, meditation, reflexology, nutrition, interventions with autism, childhood development, gardening and more.
  • Hikes provide a chance to challenge ourselves physically, learn from nature and strengthen our connection with our environment and Israel.
  • Learning key skills to build your career and applying your knowledge to help local business and non-profits in Tzfat and Northern Israel.
  • Jewish content  including an overall perspective on health, learning Jewish texts through Chevrutot (peer-based learning sessions), workshops on spirituality, the celebration of Shabbat and other events in the Jewish calendar.
  • Mifgash, a week of the program will be spent with selected Israeli peers with similar interests and fields of learning. The group will work, hike and celebrate Shabbat together and deepen their understanding of Jewish Peoplehood.
  • Living Israel and becoming part of the hip and artistic Tzfat community; full of galleries, local and organic food, spiritual learning, live music events, open mic nights, local wineries and craft beers made right here in Tzfat.
  • Communal living accommodations at the Livnot campus in the mystical Old City of Tzfat and two meals per day.
  • Click here for a sample schedule

Ultimate Internship Tracks:

There are six tracks available for your Ultimate Internship, all based in the Galilee. Internships will usually take place in the mornings, 3 to 4 times per week. Click on a track to find out more about the internship options available. When applying, please select more than one choice as we cannot guarantee each internship will be available.

Please click on the headings to see the options.

Health & Wellness

  1. Child Development at Ziv Hospital: Accompanying, learning and practicing play therapy for children with special needs.
  2. Tzfat Day Center for the Elderly: Accompanying the elderly to physiotherapy and other treatments and taking part in running activities for them alongside the professional staff.
  3. Tzfat Old Age Home: Spending time with the Elderly through conversations, physical activity, games and medical aid linked to physiotherapy, Speech therapy and more.
  4. Tzfat Faculty of Medicine: Assistance with lab research. Experience required in lab and scholarly research as follows: research lab basic skills and experience – mainly cell biology, ability to read and summarize academic articles on ethics, ability to read and summarize academic articles on public health -

Arts & Entertainment

  1. Art galleries and music venues: Working with Tzfat’s legendary artists, galleries and live music venues.

Marketing & Media

  1. Marketing, Web Design and Social Media: Supporting local business and non-profits in Tzfat with their online marketing presence, taking on web design projects and managing social media profiles.
  2. Galcon Marketing & Media: The company is looking for someone creative and open minded, that is familiar with the world of content development and the social media. The internship is focused on increasing Galcon’s on-line presence and marketing capacity, increasing name awareness and opening new markets for their products. In return, you will work closely with their Director of Marketing and other staff in order to maximize your skills and open your creativity to its fullest.
  3. Tzahar Industrial Park Management – Marketing and Media: promoting and maintaining the online site in English and helping to market the Industrial Park and the different facilities available.

Tech & Trek

  1. High tech companies in the growing North: Get involved with Israel’s exploding high-tech sector in the growing Galilee region. Combine your passion for technology with trekking through the Galilee.
  2. Galcon Tech Internship: The company is looking for someone that is an open-minded intern who can think out-of-the box, with both theoretical and practical knowledge in computer science and/or software engineering. The goal is to build algorithms that will help the systems learn the needs of each client over time. This internship offers an exciting and fulfilling spot in their development division supporting Galcon’s worldwide number one standard they offer their clients. You will work closely with top development staff in order to maximize your skills and open your creativity to its fullest.

Nature & Recreation

  1. National Forest Service: Creating bike paths and hiking trails in the Galilee area. Working with the Jewish National Fund on the Emet Khalhelet / Blue Valley Nature Reserve.
  2. Kahal Archaeology and Excavation: Working on excavations of the Kahal, a 16th Century community center in Tzfat and an Israel National Heritage Site and potential UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Community & Development

  1. Community organisations and regional government: Working with non-profits in their vital work serving and developing the community of Tzfat, as well as the local city council and regional government in the Galilee
  2. Intern at Livnot! Livnot U’Lehibanot is one of the top-ten non-profits in Israel. It has been working for 35 years connecting young Jews to Judaism and the Land of Israel. Get involved in our important projects including the Kahal, alumni relations and supporting our programs.

Our Partners for Ultimate Internship: Galilee Trek & Connect include:

Galcon: Computerised Control Systems

Galcon: Computerised Control Systems

Galcon is a leading manufacturer of smart monitoring and control irrigation solutions for home owners, professionals and agriculture. It offers a wide range of products from single, stand-alone battery operated controllers to multi stations, wireless, web-based irrigation and fertilization systems.

Galcon products are designed to increase yield by optimal irrigation while conserving valuable water resources and reducing energy consumption. Galcon smart irrigation solutions are certified by the USA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as Water Sense approved products.

Established in 1983, Galcon is headquartered in Kfar Blum, Israel. It is owned by Kibbutz Kfar Blum and currently sells its products in over 60 countries around the world.

Center for Child Development, Rivka Ziv Regional Hospital, Tzfat

Center for Child Development, Rivka Ziv Regional Hospital, Tzfat:

The Center is a leader in the education and development of disabled children. It combines holistic and experiential education for children with a range of multiple and complex physical and learning disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders, learning difficulties, chronic diseases and Down’s Syndrome.

The Center utilizes play therapy and education through activities including a garden, musical instruments and multi-sensory activities that help develop the child’s ability to connect and interact with his/her environment.

You will work with staff who are experts in the field of child development, receiving guidance and training. Interns work one-on-one with the children, engaging in creative play and education, and can create new challenges and education resources, plus interns will gain experience working with children with a wide range of disabilities in an innovative environment.


Sukat Shalom - Nof Tzfat - Old Age Home

Sukat Shalom – Nof Tzfat – Old Age Home

There is a preference for bilingual/multilingual interns as there are many different language speaking tenants. (Russian – priority and no limit to intern numbers, Spanish, French, Hebrew etc.) interns must be open minded and creative, caring and patient to work with the elderly community.

Located in the center of Tzfat, altogether the place can hold up to 168 residents as it is the biggest and most established place in the entire Upper Galilee. It serves as a clinical training center for social work students, nutrition, medical and physical therapy students and many volunteers throughout the year.

Sukat Shalom is continually looking to broaden their activities and appreciates anyone who wants to come and volunteer during the week and throughout the year.

Interns will integrate in the daily activities with the elderly, be part of group and occupational activities, art workshops and more. You might be asked to initiate your own activities especially in the nursing departments and the mentally frail department.

Sukat Shalom will offer someone that will be working hand in hand with the interns from the first moment and will be there to help out with whatever might come up. as well as taking care of each of the interns specific needs.

Tzahar Industrial Park Management - Marketing and Media

Tzahar Industrial Park Management – Marketing and Media

Tzahar Industrial Park based in Rosh Pina is home to a number of companies and hi-tech industries based in the North. The management of the Industrial Park is looking for someone that has knowledge in marketing, web site building and desinging online content.

The internship will be based at the offices of the Park Management in Rosh Pina where you will be promoting and maintaining the online site in English and helping to market the Industrial Park and the different facilities available.

The intern will help develop the Park and the companies, work with government authorities to create more work places in the park, be involved in logistical development and maintenance and budget management and assisting in creating and independently efficient industrial area.

Jewish Federation of Palm Beach, Jewish Federation of Kansas City, Jewish Federation of Seattle, Jewish Federation of St. Louis

Sarah W., Los Angeles, California

“This internship has only fuelled my passion for my intended profession in speech therapy. I shadowed the speech therapist at the Tzfat Old Age Home, which is invaluable experience to have these observational hours. It has been the experience of my life, I am so happy I did it with Livnot.”

Kelly P., Boynton Beach, Florida

“Thank you so much to Livnot for changing my life this summer. I fell in love with the Child Development Center at Ziv Hospital in Tzfat. I was a criminal justice major, but through this internship and working with children with special needs I have changed my career path to become a play therapist. Thank you so much for helping me find what I am meant to do with my life.”



Please apply through the Onward Israel website application to secure your Livnot Ultimate Internship for summer 2015!




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