Tuition breakdown for 2015 six-week Onward Israel: Ultimate Internships

Full price including room/board $3,900
Subsidies and scholarships up to -$3,400
Actual cost to you $500

Livnot U’Lehibanot works hard to acquire funding that allows us to subsidize this program. However, in cases where local Jewish Federations or other sponsoring organizations provide Livnot U’Lehibanot with a scholarship in the name of a specific participant, those funds will be used to cover the full program cost. Any additional funds, after deducting the full program cost, will be made available to the participant.

What is included:

  • Housing
  • 2 meals/day, 7 days/week
  • 2-3 hikes every week, including
    • Overnight excursion
    • Night hike to ancient ruins
    • Trekking through waterfalls in the Golan and Galilee
  • Up to 25 hours of community service per week
    • Renovating bomb shelters
    • Activities with Ethiopian immigrant children
    • Volunteering at clothing/food banks
    • Public gardening
    • Teaching English to disadvantaged students
    • Working together with local residents to improve dilapidated apartments and playgrounds
    • Excavating bakeries and bathhouses from the 16th century
  • Shabbat experience in Tzfat with local families
  • Spirituality workshops (Spiritual Eating, Kabbalah 101, Relationships, and more)
  • Live evening concerts
  • Meeting local artists in their studios
  • Learning through nature
  • Shopping in the open-air market
  • Free weekends to explore the country or visit family/friends

*program activities are subject to change

In order to qualify for subsidies you must:

  • Be 21 – 30 years-old
  • Have minimal formal Jewish education and be interested in connecting to your Jewish heritage
  • Apply for any local or national scholarships that you may be eligible for

If you require additional assistance, here are a few scholarship options for interested participants:

  • Local Federations: In the United States and Canada, most major cities have a local Jewish Federation that gives out scholarships. Each one has a unique criteria and process for acquiring grant subsidies for Israel Programs, and the amount awarded ($500-2,500) also differs per Federation. Livnot U’Lehibanot is a recognized provider of Israel experience programs. Because this process differs per city, we will be happy to assist and direct you toward the appropriate contact and help you along the way. Please let us know your city/county of residence, as well as the closest major city (or in some cases where you are registered in university) if applicable, and we will begin the process.
  • Jewish National Fund: The Plant Your Way to Israel program allows you to fund your trip to Israel while helping Israel and JNF at the same time. The program is simple: Ask your friends and family to plant trees with JNF and half of this money will support JNF’s forestry projects in Israel, while the other half will be placed in a special account for your Livnot trip. Please visit their website for details.
  • Your Local Rabbi and Synagogue: Most Rabbis and synagogues have money set aside somewhere to help young adults get to Israel. You won’t find this scholarship listed on their website or in their brochures. However, make sure to ask your local Rabbi if s/he can help you pay for your trip. They usually have a fund or know someone who can help you pay for part of your travel to Israel; average scholarships are $100-500.
  • Fly For Good:  An organization that provides discounted international airfare on over 24 airlines exclusively for non-profits engaging in international humanitarian missions.  Livnot U’Lehibanot is a recognized member of their Good Network.  Sign up for a free account to access their discounted flights.
  • Fund My Travel or Go Fund Me are online fundraising platform that you can use to collect donations for your trip.

Additional Resources for Students:

  • Hillel, The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life: If you are an undergrad or graduate student, you should contact the Hillel on your college campus regarding scholarships.
  • Greek Life Organizations: Are you a member of a historically Jewish Fraternity or Sorority? There may be some scholarships available for you. Contact the head of your chapter or organization and inquire within about funding.

We are happy to assist in any way necessary. Please check out each of these options and keep us informed.