Livnot and Community

I have spent the last few years traveling for work, and throughout my travels I have helped communities all around the world. I’ve lived in countries for months at a time, not really sure what I was searching for, perhaps just the experience of living and being part of a different culture.

This past year, I realized how important it was for me to give back to my own community, the community that has always been there for me whenever I needed them to be. I only had a couple of weeks off work to volunteer, and I knew that I wanted to be in Israel. So, after a couple of hours of searching online for the right program, I found Livnot. Even though I had never heard about Livnot, or met anyone that had ever been a participant, I had a feeling it was the right decision.

I registered for the one week Northern Exposure program because it seemed to have the perfect balance of volunteering, nature hikes, and spirituality, so off I went. Today, I’m grateful I made the right decision because it has provided me with the community I have always dreamed of.

I now know that no matter where I am in the world, I’ll always have a place to call home. My dream is for others to experience the kind of love, warmth and acceptance I experienced at Livnot, and to help create this for our community here in Toronto.

– Sherry Malakhi (NE83)


To all of our dear Canadian chevre: Sherry would love to hear from you, celebrate Shabbat together, or hook up at local events.  Get in touch with her by email (sherry(at)livnot(dot)org) to connect with your local Livnot alumni.