Brian Reisman had the opportunity to experience Livnot for two weeks. He was only scheduled for one week but something told him to come back and stay for a second.

“I had a chance to participate in some of the activities this past week and really get to know some of the chevre on the trip. You get a better perspective when you’re actually involved then when you are on the outside looking in.”

Brian is a full time actor and grew up in Cherry Hill New Jersey. He’s been acting professionally for two years. The most recent productions he’s worked on are ‘The Winter’s Tale’ and ‘The Tempest.’ He studied at Marymount Manhattan College and graduated with a degree in acting.

Livnot Hiking Israel View

Brian really enjoyed straddling his time between the city of Tzfat and its surrounding nature. All the beautiful scenery and the great weather really made the hikes so much better according to Brian. One thing that really stood out in Brian’s mind was going to sing at the nursing home and how they live in Israel but grew up all over the world.

“It meant a lot to me to be there for people who played a role in building up Israel to what is it today.”

He also loved the fact that two of them were Holocaust survivors. That can make an emotional impact on anyone.

While laughing, Brian said he’s going to take back his love for all the Israeli food that he tried. His favorites being Shakshuka and Tahina. Brian also is happy that he learned how to make them while residing Livnot. Another main thing that really caught Brian’s attention is the appreciation that he has for Israel. Having gotten to spend a month here in Israel he feels a deeper appreciation for the Israeli country and culture.