Tzfat Jewelry

Jewelry shopping in Tzfat is unlike any other place. If you love one of a kind pieces made by real artists, the kind that obsess over each piece until it’s perfect, you will fall in love with the jewelers of Tzfat. Some artists use ancient roman glass to craft almost iridescent rings, pendants and earrings, others feature old coins as cuff links and rings, and of course there’s a classic silver and goldsmith who makes some of the most beautifully crafted pieces I’ve ever seen.

The main area is the narrow alleyway of galleries, most of which double as jewelry workshops, where you can often catch the artist in in action. Aside from jewelry you are sure to see painters and sketchers doing their thing. You could spend hours in this short strip of intertwining galleries just admiring the incredible pieces. I recommend taking a stroll to the end and then doubling back to pick out the pieces that are the most special. Like anywhere in Israel, it never hurts to ask for a discounts, but especially when it comes to the one of a kind handcrafted pieces, this is the time to treat yourself to something special.

For the extra adventurous, wandering through the artists quarter is another great place to find unique pieces often imbued with spiritual significance. If you tend to be superstitious about your jewelry, you can find powerful pieces straight out of Kabbalist workshops. Whichever piece you choose, or chooses you, it will be something to last a lifetime.

Check out one of our favorite jewelry artists, Doron Cohen: All of us have drooled over his gorgeous and symbolic pieces and most of us have at least one piece we couldn’t bare to part with!

-Tess Rose (NE83)