Western Gods vs. Jews

Ok, Western “Gods”. You Know how to create incredible tools. Can you please create some real stuff? Something like Love, Sensitivity to others, Helping people to become better, not only to perform better physical abilities?
Please, don’t understand me wrong, this invention is a great step for helping humans to be able to overcome disabilities. My real question is, when we will start paying attention to something deeper, like “WHAT FOR”?
As I see, that was the struggle between the Greeks and the Jews during Hanukkah, 2200 years ago. Greeks wanted to create amazing tools of expression, but did not care what are those tools are going to express. We, as Jews, just wanted to remind them about the inner purpose, but they did not except. They wanted the perfection of the external performance only for the sake of the performance. And moreso, they wanted to force this point of view on us. But we couldn’t just discard our strive for purpose. We did not want to be blinded by all this “bodyness”. We continued to beleive in “soul” and “light”, to live by it and to struggle for our beliefs. And we have overcome!

On Hanukkah, as I see, We celebrate the victory of the essence over the empty form of expression!

Hannuka Sameyakh!