Shake the heavens,
As well as the Earth.
Dig out God from deep within me.
Scream out to God, for God surrounds me.
Find my own interpretations.
Be my own interpretations.
They will not ask me,
Why was I not Moses?
But why was I not I?
Be that which is me,
Act as that I feel.
The Earth was created for me,
Yet I am nothing.
Though even within that which
Appears to be utterly inanimate matter,
There lies a soul.
Like the light that shines upon
Earth at night from the moon,
I too shall break the darkness.
With Heaven and Earth as my witness,
By wisdom, by understanding, and by knowledge.
I grasp with an everlasting gratitude,
God’s blessing.
I choose life.
And as I struggle, tangled in the roots of this tree,
I shall laugh.
For my laughter will shake the branches
And the fruit that falls will feed me
Giving me the strength to wrestle,
Furthering my entanglement,
My relationship,
With these roots of creation.

-Kyle Roseman