A Hanukkah Poem

A Hanukkah Poem

Ashrina Chen wrote this poem and drew this beautiful picture to celebrate the Third Night of Hanukah

20141216_195028Does light define darkness Or does darkness define light?

I hold here a paper, It’s blank and it’s white White is pure and it’s clean White is made out of light Now im adding on pencil It’s thick and it’s grey It is heavy and dark, Sending all remaining light away.

My original form is a pure dazzling paper, Yet The struggles of life are staining layer after layer. I’m light! Smeared in colors of orenge and red Spiraling rainbows of potential Bottled up in my heart, in my head, Giggling,  playful, longing for the spark That will let it all free, let it light up the dark.

So now I’m lighting my Hanukkiah And keeping in mind That the true wick I’m lighting Is deep deep inside All it needs is my awareness Of how its coverd and stained And –  WOW what an awesome Glow will soon be retained!


Nick Henderson
[email protected]

Before making Aliyah from Scotland, Nick ran an international NGO called Youth End Poverty and worked with a number of non-profits and social change organisations, including the British Council, Oxfam and Save the Children. Nick was previously Social Media Manager / Alumni Relations Manager at Livnot. Now he lives in Jerusalem and is passionate about public health issues, and represents Israel at various international conferences on health policy.