A Jew Rests

By: Michael Walden A Jew rests,

steps blessed into the aisle,
Photo by Sydney Gould. Michael Walden on a Livnot hike.

Photo by Sydney Gould.
Michael Walden on a Livnot hike.

dressed in Shabbos best and cannot contain a smile
without denial; chest out to face his bride
in the style of Jews from Tzfat to world-wide
It’s a celebration, and
when you ask him what it means
he’ll say,
“the culmination of two thousand years of dreams.”
And when a watcher wonders of this global situation,
global Jewish celebration,
on this Friday occasion,
The explanation
just one of our hope
one born of our smoke
souls.AbbyGelb Tzfat to the sea
seeking the answer, thus
just wondering if this world was meant for us
the marriage begins
a Jew in motion returns to rest
knows he’s passed the test
passed from this world to the next
and so the pen arrests
coming to full stop
de-animated by the pleasure of Shabbat.
Michelle Checchi
[email protected]

​​​​​​Michelle is a journalist with a passion for impactful storytelling. She currently works as a writer/producer for Fox 12 Oregon. Her most recent experience includes working for CNN's Early Start and New Day, and as a morning producer for News 12 The Bronx and News 12 Brooklyn. She's also worked as marketing & communications for Livnot U'Lehibanot.