Building the JNF Ma’alot Memorial Garden

Livnot Community service in Tzfat – JNF Ma’alot Memorial Garden volunteers building community garden

Community service is at the heart of what Livnot does. Many of the participants who come on our programs are looking for a way to give back to Israel. Livnot has been involved in many community projects around Tzfat and the Galilee. From excavation and re-construction of the old city to renovating bomb shelters and helping Ethiopian Jews integrate, community service projects are at the heart of what Livnot programs offer.

Ma'alot Massacre

Last week, Chevre from our Northern Exposure and Galilee Fellowship programs spent time preparing a new memorial garden in the heart of the Old City of Tzfat. Supported by JNF, the garden will commemorate the murders of 25 hostages, including 22 children, in the Ma’alot School Massacre.

In May 1974, high school students from Tzfat were on a field trip in the Northern Galilee. Terrorists ambushed the group near the town of Ma’alot and took 115 people hostage. After a two day stand-off and attempts to free the hostages, 25 were killed by the terrorists using grenades and automatic weapons. The 22 children who died were students at school in Tzfat.

JNF have supported the construction of a memorial park to the tragedy in the city, and Livnot volunteers have been working hard to get the park ready. Carly, one of the participants said: “We have all been doing different things like raking and planting, but we are all working together as a community. It’s a really great project and we’re so happy to help build this beautiful garden.”

Next week, the Galilee Fellowship participants who are at Livnot for a month, will be going back to the garden to finish planting trees and flowers.


Stay tuned for more pictures and updates from the memorial park.

Learn more about the Ma’alot School Massacre.

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