Chevre WoW’s: Do you know yourself?

Every week, Chevre prepare Words of Wisdom to discuss over Shabbat. Here, Chris Schelberg asks if we know ourselves.

Do you know yourself? Do you trust your morals? Each of us are on a journey to our own self-realization. But to get to a point where we have a dynamic perspective, we must be challenged. “Luckily” life will always readily offer us challenging circumstances which test our resilience and resourcefulness, but sometimes we must willingly challenge ourselves as well.

10348213_10153337049991729_6559650175454525369_n“Now the LORD said to Abram, get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy fathers house, unto the land that I will show thee. And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great, and be thou a blessing.”

This excerpt from Genesis XII:1 tells of how God asks Abram to leave his land and comfort zone to follow Gods path into the unknown with the promise that if he did so he would be blessed and would be fulfilling Gods duty. I understand this text to be a metaphor for our own mental and spiritual growth.

God being a metaphor for our own intuition and subconscious voice of love and faith, purity and unity which lines within all of us. Sometimes we know what we want from the start. Our purpose; the thing that will give us the greatest sense of fulfilment, but we doubt ourselves, and we doubt the reality of greatest things being possible. In this story Abram has no doubt because God has given him insurance that he will not fail. Unfortunately we do not have that same luxury; in order to achieve the same level of glory and rewards which were promised to Abram by God, we must confront the possibility of loss, shame, persecution, exile and pain righteously.

Our lives are our own, and each and every person has an amazing potential to do great things. We do not all share the same challenges or adversities but we do share the same potential for self-love and self-motivation. I believe we must be that same voice of God from the story to/for ourselves. The holy sense of security, good fortune, peace and love can be generated from within and all you have to do is allow yourself to feel these things. Like in the story, once you start to trust these instincts and act on them, and venture and become closer to fulfilling your destiny – whatever that may be.1503388_10153337053686729_7076900261808098074_n

So I will end with a challenge. I challenge you to explore within; to let yourself become intimate with those quiet voices of yourself and to do whatever it takes to get to know them better. Follow these rules, break them, get comfortable with the things you don’t understand, be brave and reckless, venture out into the unknown, taste different food, take on a challenging task, fail, succeed, don’t be afraid to transform, most importantly I believe if you are always true to yourself you will amount to great things and you will truly be doing God’s work.

Chris Schelberg

Nick Henderson
[email protected]

Before making Aliyah from Scotland, Nick ran an international NGO called Youth End Poverty and worked with a number of non-profits and social change organisations, including the British Council, Oxfam and Save the Children. Nick was previously Social Media Manager / Alumni Relations Manager at Livnot. Now he lives in Jerusalem and is passionate about public health issues, and represents Israel at various international conferences on health policy.