Chevre WOW’s – Joy

Every week, Chevre prepare Words of Wisdom to talk to the group over Shabbat. Here, Benjahmen Zand takes on the subject of joy.

     Simchah (joy) is one of the highest aspect of life. It infuses us with excitement, strength, openness, freedom, victory, connected-ness, health, enthusiasm, success, motivation, zest, willingness. All of our connections to the infinite oneness are to be infused with joy. This importance is reflected in the many dimensions of joy Hebrew describes: gilah, rinah, alizah, ditzah, me’ushar, chedvah, sasson, simchah. So how do we fill our hearts with ever-flowing joy?IMG_2549
Moshe provides an insight:
     He is driving around in Jerusalem, late for a business meeting, longingly searching for a parking space. In his frustration, he prays: “G-d! Please, if you find me a parking spot, I promise to remember sabbath, study Torah, and act on commandments.” Suddenly, someone immediately in front of him leaves, opening a parking spot. Moshe then remarks, “Don’t bother G-d, I found one.”
Moshe goes on to continue living life with a self-centered perspective, personally absorbed. How could this situation, instead, bring a deep essence of joy? What if he broke his ego, dismantling the faulty belief of being on a higher level than is true?
Upon realization of the infinitely good, kind, loving, giving, forgiving oneness we call G-d, all ultimately brings us back to joy. We grow closer to this infinite aspect within each of us as our thoughts, words, and actions become more similar to G-d. In this light, nothing is ever bad. Some events of good are so powerful, bringing discomfort or loss, they may blind us temporarily to the grand view of life. Every moment of life is provided as opportunity for spiritual and physical harmony to reveal the interconnected oneness.
To integrate this understanding within our true self, we must be genuinely honest in our perception, weakening the grasp of the ego, to be humble before everyone. We are no better than any person, we are directed to love our neighbor as he is our self, respecting and celebrating their troubles, trials, and success accordingly. Descent leads to later ascent
Our responsibility is developing our internal world, to shine on the external world.
How much good and growth have been actually done?
How much more can be done?
How much effort is put forth to bring this good?
To what degree is this serving every thing and beyond things with joy?
SO what is true joy? It ultimately stems from the soul is fulfilling its purpose, as we perceive. Deep ever present joy is based on relationship. When we realize, from every sphere, that creator and creation infinitely cares about us, in omnipresence, our joy is really unlimited.
Our journey in purpose is wholeyness from a super conscious perspective, where we are all a collective fabric of consciousness craving to experience our unity.
IMG_2792Sparks of inspiration, lightning moments of realization guide our existence. Physicality then draws us back in to the gradual pace of life. Genuine unconditional giving reminds us of the flash of oneness. As does sharing time with loved ones, immersing in nature, flowing with music, experiencing the presence of infinite oneness through prayer and meditation.
Determine, persevere, refuse to despair. Serve with joy. Rejoice, you hearts which seek G-d. All is revealed in due time to the honest, humble, great. Feel unity in your heart, experience the infinite well of unconditional love. We are showered with opportunities our soul seeks to grow toward becoming more like the infinitely giving and loving creator. We are granted free will to observe opportunities and impulses, to act accordingly.
We awake always with mercy and grace granting us a fresh day flowing in new possibilities. Awake with joy, Light calls our name to actualize our fullest inner spark. The destination is complete infinite being-ness. The journey is the purpose, with every step filled of simcha. 
Life always grows
Regardless of any holes.
Reaching for greater conscious flows
To share gifts created at home.
Synergizing the wonderful loving living web
Into a united peace within.
Our soul’s swelling singing heart
Allowing the light to glow
Lighting the darkness so we know
We are never apart.
Bejahmen Zand Livnot Northern Exposure #108 July 2014
Meir Paltiel
Meir Paltiel
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Originally from Syracuse, NY, Meir received his BA in American History and Political Science from Tulane University and his MS in Resource Management from SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry. He arrived in Israel in 1992, served in the Nahal Infantry Unit before moving to Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu. On Kibbutz, Meir was Assistant Manager of the... Read More