Extend your Birthright Israel trip with Livnot

Extend your Birthright Israel trip with Livnot in Tzfat

One-week, four-week and six-week short term volunteering programs

Livnot participants on a waterfall hike

Coming on a free Taglit-Birthright Israel trip?

Everyone will tell you that “10 days just isn’t enough” but how do you get the most out of your Israel experience if you have to get hurry back to your “normal life” of work, school, etc.?

A lot of Birthright extension programs exists, with different focuses such as hiking or volunteering or Jewish spirituality and culture…but what if you want to do it all?  With Livnot’s Northern Exposure program, you can continue your Israel adventure with an unbeatable combination of amazing hikes, meaningful volunteer activities, experiential seminars, and learning through nature—all in just one week, and for only $150!

Apply now for the Livnot Northern Exposure Extension

Get off the bus and experience the Galilee with all of your senses.  Have the satisfaction of giving back to Israel on your very first trip.  Take a break from living out of a suitcase and make yourself at home in the mystical city of Tzfat, where ancient Kabbalists composed poetry and songs.  Have lunch with local families on Shabbat and live in the middle of the Artists’ Colony with excavations of 16th century bakeries and bathhouses in your backyard.

Space is limited,  so register today!

Apply now for the Livnot Northern Exposure Extension

By the way… Coming on a Birthright Israel trip is NOT a prerequisite for joining Northern Exposure. It’s also a well-rounded experience by itself, or makes a great supplement to any other Israel trip. If you would like to stay in Israel a bit longer, check out the four-week Galilee Fellowship or six-week Onward Israel: Ultimate Internship program.

Nick Henderson
[email protected]

Before making Aliyah from Scotland, Nick ran an international NGO called Youth End Poverty and worked with a number of non-profits and social change organisations, including the British Council, Oxfam and Save the Children. Nick was previously Social Media Manager / Alumni Relations Manager at Livnot. Now he lives in Jerusalem and is passionate about public health issues, and represents Israel at various international conferences on health policy.