Give to Livnot in 2 Minutes or Less (with no cost to you) with Amazon Smile

Shalom Chevre,
We have an exciting new partnership with Amazon Smile where you are able to donate to Livnot with every amazon purchase, without spending anything extra, in a few easy steps! Here’s how you do it :
2. Log in with your Amazon account information
3. Search ‘Livnot’ and choose ‘American Friends of Livnot Ulehibanot’ as your charity of choice
4. Come back to this email and create a bookmark for Amazon Smile by dragging this box into your bookmarks bar
Amazon Smile
5. Click on it within your bookmarks bar, and once you get to the site you should see that under the search bar it says “Supporting: American Friends of Livnot ULehibanot”
6. Start Shopping, and Amazon will automatically donate 0.5% of everything you spend to Livnot, with no cost to you!
Video Tutorial:

All the links above work as the text of the email in the video.

Start giving today!


Rachael Henderson
Rachael Henderson
[email protected]