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Bake challah in an ancient oven; take a break from your busy touring schedule, and schedule a meditation session with the clean mountain air blowing in your hair. Join a music circle or explore Kabbalah while creating art with a local artist. Our workshops are open to people of all ages, families, and groups of all sizes. Call: 052-349-8804 or 04-697-0311 Email: [email protected]

Challah Workshop

Challah workshop in the “Beit Hakahal” ancient stone oven bakery. Throughout the workshop we will discover the symbolic meaning of bread and baking in Judaism and our roles as partners in the Creation. We will learn of the significance of bread from the Talmud and learn the blessing of the “ Hafrashat Challah”. The participants will have the chance to braid and bake their own challot in our ancient oven and of course take the final product home with them.

Kabbalistic Meditation

Dive into the world of Kabbalah and Jewish Meditation. In this workshop, we will learn the different types of meditations that exist according to the Kabbalah. You will be given tools to continue practicing Kabbalah meditation on your own.

Also, we will be practicing meditation for about 30 minutes

Music Circle

 Join us for a musical show, filled with ancient nigunim, Israeli songs, soul songs and ancient piyutim accompanied by musical instruments and harmonies from 16th century Tzfat

Art and Kabbalah

Throughout the years, Tzfat has been a center of creativity, art and Jewish music. Today, this mystical city inspires people and brings out their creative side.

Together with a local artist, you will explore the depths of Jewish inspiration and learn about the meaning of colors and Kabbalistic forms while creating your own piece of art.

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