Birthright Extension: Mountains & Mystics.

Extend your Birthright Israel trip in Tzfat with Livnot’s

Mountains & Mystics

Coming On A Free Taglit-Birthright Israel Trip?

Everyone will tell you that “10 days just isn’t enough”. How do you get most out of your Israel experience if you have to hurry back to your “ normal life” of work or school?

There are so many ways to extend your stay in Israel after Birthright.

We offer a combination of hiking, volunteering and learning about your Jewish roots and experiencing spirituality in the mystical mountain city of Tzfat!

By the way, you can join us even if you were not on a Birthright trip….

Summer 2022 Dates:

June 6-12

June 19-26

July 3- 10

July 17-24

August 8-14

August 21-28

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