Holy Camp! Terms & Conditions

Deposit / Non-Refundable Application Fee

Registration for this program requires a $500 deposit which is non-refundable*.

Space Allocation

Spots on Livnot’s Holy Camp! are allocated on a Priority Basis to Livnot alumni and then on a first-come, first-served basis to those applicants who have completed the application process, including an interview, completion of all forms, requirements, and payments of deposits and fees. 

Living Arrangements

During the program, Livnot is responsible to provide reasonable living accommodations as determined by Livnot staff. A person who requires different arrangements for health or other reasons bears all financial responsibility for those arrangements, including any and all payments and fees. 

Medical Coverage

It is essential that you travel with your own Travelers Insurance, as your coverage during the program takes effect only on the day the program begins. All camp participants are insured during the duration of the program. The Health Insurance taken out on your behalf does not cover any pre-existing medical conditions. Medication, whether prescribed or otherwise, is the financial responsibility of the participant. 

Safety and Security

Participants are required to follow all safety and security guidelines as defined by Livnot (these safety and security guidelines are in accordance with those of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel). This is true throughout the duration of the program, on hikes, tours, at all facilities and during any and all programmed free time. Livnot staff instructions, whether written or verbal, are to be followed at all times for the safety and security of the participants, staff and group, and any and all others interacting or connected with the program and/or group in any way.  Should you or your family member, for whatever reason, choose to leave the campus or the designated program space during the week of camp, you understand that you do so at your own risk and will not hold Livnot liable for anything that occurs during these times.


Violence of any sort, whether physical, spoken, written or intended, as determined by Livnot staff, is not tolerated on the program. It is grounds for immediate dismissal.

Drugs and Alcohol

Use of Illegal Drugs or being in possession thereof, in Israel is not allowed and grounds for dismissal from the program.

Alcohol may be made available to adults as part of the rituals of shabbat, or to enjoy in moderation with a festive meal or during an evening program after the children have gone to bed. We respectfully request that participants not bring alcohol to programs without first clearing it with Livnot staff. Moderation is the watchword, and we are sensitive to the messages children receive when adults around them are indulging in drinking.

Abuse of alcohol as determined by the Livnot staff is grounds for dismissal from the program.

Harassment Issues

If someone hassles you, in any way, let us know immediately – whether it’s in town or on campus, whether it’s a stranger or a participant or a staff member. Sexual harassment whether physical or emotional, is grounds for immediate dismissal from the program.

Please be sensitive to others in the community; for instance: refrain from using offensive language or saying things that could embarrass people or hurt people’s feelings.

Dietary Restrictions

Livnot makes every effort to accommodate people’s individual dietary needs to a reasonable degree, as determined by Livnot staff. In the event that a person’s dietary needs cannot be accommodated, as decided upon by Livnot staff, the participant becomes financially responsible for meeting his/her own dietary needs. Livnot’s kitchen and campus follows strict kashrut (kosher) standards, and any foods brought in or requested must comply with these standards

Camp Cancellation

We do not anticipate cancelling Holy Camp! However, here is a list of reasons why camp could be cancelled”
a) safety and security – if it is unsafe to travel to or within Israel, as decided by the Israeli authorities [insert correct governing body] during the month approaching the camp start date, we will open a line of communication to keep you updated regularly as the camp date approaches to see if the situation changes and would impact camp running.  If there are major safety or security issues that would compromise your safety and security or that of our campus, city or country, we will cancel camp and will let you know at the earliest date possible that this unfortunate decision had to be made.
b) travel restrictions affecting air travel to Israel (i.e. global pandemic, grounding of airlines, etc)
c) natural disaster making the running of camp impossible
d) campus un-readiness or any situation making our campus unfit for guests (i.e. no water, buildings unsafe, etc)
d) not enough people enrolled* to cover expenses to run camp (i.e. 7 families or 28 people)


Age-Appropriate Programming, Sensitivity to Family Issues

Holy Camp! is for families.  We know families come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations.  While the bulk of the programming intended for children will be geared for children ages 3-12, we value our babies and teenagers too, who have different needs.  Our very small staff will do our best to meet the needs of all of our children at their various developmental stages. And, given the community-centered feel of our programs, we rely on parents to partner with us to ensure that their child/ren find ways to engage that feel fun and valuable for them, even if they are presented with activities or options that do not exactly match their ages or specific interests.  We look to all of our participants to co-create an optimal experience for the group, valuing group “Shalom Bayit” over any one individual’s personal fulfillment in any one moment or activity.  We ask you to come with open minds, flexibility, and a willingness to find the light in whatever situations present themselves.

Holy Camp! is committed to being a place where all families can feel welcomed and comfortable. We expect there will be families representing a wide continuum of Jewish backgrounds and levels of observance, families representing a variety of different cultural and political viewpoints, and families who may have members with disabilities or any number of issues they are dealing with and may not wish to or need to share.  We hope to create a safe space that is so filled with love, acceptance, respect and joy that our differences become the spices that make our shared experience enriching and delicious, rather than points of contention.  We ask that you come seeking connection and common (holy!) ground, and leave the judgments based on differences behind.

Once you have read these please find your application form saved on a different tab, go back to that form, and continue your application by checking the box saying you have read these Terms and Conditions