Northern Exposure

About the Program 

Northern Exposure, offers participants an opportunity to encounter a different side of Israel through hikes off-the-beaten-track, community service, and spirituality workshops.

The program is geared for young Jewish adults in their 20’s with minimal Jewish background. Livnot U’Lehibanot arranges all of the programming logistics, so you can spend your time immersed in a new culture.

A typical day during Northern Exposure features community service in the morning with Israelis and your peers, an adventurous hike in the afternoon, and fun and thought-provoking discussions / activities in the evening.

Date: September 18- October 22, 2022

Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Program Includes

  •  Communal living accommodations at the Livnot campus in the mystical Old City of Tzfat and at least two meals each day.
  •  A sense of community among the young Jewish adult participants, who hike, volunteer, learn, and experience Israel together. This togetherness then remains with alumni throughout the Jewish World in the years to come.
  • Challenging hikes for your body and soul across hills, ravines and waterfalls of the Galilee and Golan. A night hike to an ancient synagogue.
  •  Meaningful community service that impacts the local Tzfat community. – Examples include excavating 16th century Tzfat, working with environmental city projects, facilitating activities at community centers, volunteering at soup kitchens, etc.
  •  Inspiring discussions on spirituality and Jewish meaning with fellow participants and community leaders in Tzfat, the ancient home of Kabbalah.
  • An overall immersive, physically and spiritually challenging experience!
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Additional Info

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Birthright Extension

Mountains & Mystics

Awaken your soul with a breathtaking view of Northern Israel as your background for the next 7 days. Hike stunning trails, dare to trek at night guided only by starlight, and use the outdoors as a springboard for personal expression. Explore the themes of Tikkun Olam by giving to others through meaningful community service and co-op style living. Meet local artists and delve into your own creativity by making beautiful foods, music, and art. Each day presents a fresh look into our connection with the world around us. learn more here.


  • Ask your Birthright Israel organizer for information about extending your flight.
  • Livnot accepts your Birthright Israel medical form. There is a short online application and a 15 minute phone interview to answer any questions you may have, and determine that it’s a good fit all around.
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis—even if you are already in Israel on your BRI trip (in which case, you should call 052-429-5377 to expedite your application)—but it’s best to apply early to ensure your spot

Tuition and Scholarships

Thanks to Livnot’s generous supporters we are able to offer our one-week Northern Exposure program for as little as $250. Tuition includes accommodations, 2 meals/day, hikes, activities, and workshops.

Full price $750
Subsidies and scholarships -$500
Actual cost to you $250

Livnot U’Lehibanot works hard to acquire funding that allows us to subsidize this program. However, in cases where local Jewish Federations or other sponsoring organizations provide Livnot with a scholarship in the name of a specific participant, those funds will be used to cover the full program cost. Any additional funds after deducting the full program cost will be made available to the participant. For more information on external scholarships, click here.

Application Checklist and Forms

Applicants will only be accepted to a program once ALL of the following steps have been completed:

  1. Fill out the preliminary application above
  2. Medical forms (accessible here) may be sent by email or by fax
  3. Phone interview – we will contact you to schedule your personal interview
  4. Pack, get insurance, rent a phone (see tabs below)
  5. Join the Livnot family for an incredible adventure!

If you are already in Israel, see how easy it is to extend your trip with Livnot. Call 052-429-5377 to determine which application steps can be taken care of upon arrival in Tzfat.


“Where will I stay? Is there wifi and a laundry room?” These questions and more are answered here in full detail.

Weekly Schedule

A typical day starts with a community breakfast and a discussion of the day’s newscast and current events in Israel. You’ll either set out on an all-day hike, trekking and exploring the majestic scenery of Northern Israel (including waterfalls and ancient Jewish communities) or getting involved in a meaningful community service activity and an evening seminar or workshop on issues of Jewish spirituality, traditions and values, Kabbalistic art, and other subjects of interest. You’ll experience a traditional Shabbat in Tzfat with local Israelis, which is unparalleled and world-renowned. You are also given free time to explore the cobblestone alleyways of Tzfat on your own and meet the neighbors.

The exact schedule varies based on the needs of the community (volunteer projects), group size and weather conditions. You’ll receive a copy at orientation on your day of arrival. Check out this sample schedule for an overview of what an average Northern Exposure program looks like:

  • 14:00 Meet in Tzfat
  • 14:30 Opening Circle & Orientation
  • 16:00 Short tour of Tzfat
  • 18:30 Dinner
  • 20:00 Evening Activity
  • 7:00 Breakfast/News
  • 8:00 A Deeper Look at Giving – A Jewish perspective
  • 9:00 Community Service (CS) Orientation and Project
  • 13:00 Lunch and Hula Valley Nature Preserve by Bike
  • 19:00 Iron Chef competition – and a little about the kosher cooking experience
  • 20:00 Group Discussion: My Judiasm
  • 7:00 Breakfast/News
  • 7:30 History of Ethiopian Jewry
  • 8:30 Hike Nahal Amud
  • 15:30 Ethiopian Absorption Center Activity
  • 18:30 A Taste of Passover – Bring the Seder to Life
  • 7:00 Breakfast/News
  • 8:30-13:00 Community Service
  • 1:30 Lunch on own
  • 14:00 Time for the local open air market and Tzfat Treasure Hunt
  • 18:00 Birya – Baburiya Night Hike + Bonfire and Cookout
  • 6:15 Breakfast/News
  • 7:00-16:00 Hike Nahal Dishon
  • 18:00 Dinner on own
  • 20:00 Group Preperations for Shabbat – preparing spiritual and physical food
  • 7:15 Breakfast/News
  • 8:00 Challa Braiding
  • 9:00 Tzfat Artists: Combining Personal Expression and Kabalistic Concepts
  • 11:00 Ethnic Music
  • 12:00 Free time in Tzfat + Lunch on own
  • 16:45 Candle Lighting
  • 17:30 Kabalat Shabbat
  • 19:00 Festive Shabbat Dinner
  • 20:30 Oneg: Time for stories and more…
  • Optional sleep in + Lunch with local families
  • 16:00 A bit of Livnot History
  • 17:00 3rd Meal + Nature & Judaism Workshop
  • 19:00 Havdalla: with Light, Wine and Spices
  • 20:00 Costume Party – a real Purim Party
  • 7:00 Breakfast/News
  • Program Evalutaions
  • Closing Circle & Goodbyes

*Schedule is tentative and subject to change without notice

Suggested Packing List

You can never have too many shoes, but that doesn’t mean you need to bring all of them with you on your Israel journey.

Click here for the list and details of what to pack (and what not to…).

Health Insurance

Every participant must have emergency medical coverage for the duration of the program. If you have your own policy from abroad, please provide proof of coverage. Otherwise, you will need to fill out additional forms and pay for insurance upon arrival to Tzfat (cost is $20/week). This policy covers accidents, injuries and illnesses, but not pre-existing medical conditions. View the full terms here.

Terms & Conditions

For the ‘fine print’ on payments, security, and more, click here.