About The Program

7 – 14 April, 2020

A passover retreat filled with hiking and amazement in Tzfat –
only $250

COVID-19 update: Given the uncertainty of the current situation program size, duration and activities are subject to unexpected changes. We have also temporarily adjusted our refund policy. Full refunds will be available up until the day of the program. 

Praying For Health For All, The Livnot Team

Spend your spring festival in a place saturated with spirituality and experience Pesach (Passover) beyond the Seder (though our rockin, thought-provoking, get-out-of-your-chair Seder is unlike any other!!!)

Heighten your sensitivity and connection through a night-hike guided only by moonlight, unplugging from electronics to really be with yourself and new friends in the beautiful mountains, and exploring the Kabbalistic mysticism behind Passover preparations.

In addition to infusing holiday traditions with fresh meaning, have a hand in contributing to the Land of Israel through an archaelogical dig on a 16th century historical site, nourish your body with a challenging hike and Israeli foods, foster lifelong Livnot friendships, and delve into your Jewish identity through discussion-based Jewish learning. This week is the ultimate way to maximize your holiday and your Israel experience.

Can’t come for the whole week? Join us for the Seder night only – all details here!

The program is geared for young Jewish adults in their 20’s with minimal Jewish background. Livnot U’Lehibanot arranges all of the programming logistics, so you can spend your time immersed in a new culture.

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Additional Info

Application Checklist & Forms

Applicants will only be accepted to a program once ALL of the following steps have been completed:


  1. Fill out the preliminary application above
  2. Medical forms (accessible here) may be sent by email or by fax
  3. Phone interview – we will contact you to schedule your personal interview
  4. Pack, get insurance, rent a phone (see tabs below)
  5. Join the Livnot family for an incredible adventure!


If you are already in Israel, see how easy it is to extend your trip with Livnot. Call 052-429-5377 to determine which application steps can be taken care of upon arrival in Tzfat.


Pesach 2019 Schedule

Schedule subject to change.*

Tuition & Scholarships

Thanks to Livnot’s generous supporters we are able to offer our one-week Northern Exposure program for as little as $250. Tuition includes accommodations, 2 meals/day, hikes, activities, and workshops.

Full price $750
Subsidies and scholarships -$500
Actual cost to you $250

Livnot U’Lehibanot works hard to acquire funding that allows us to subsidize this program. However, in cases where local Jewish Federations or other sponsoring organizations provide Livnot with a scholarship in the name of a specific participant, those funds will be used to cover the full program cost. Any additional funds after deducting the full program cost will be made available to the participant. For more information on external scholarships, click here.


“Where will I stay? Is there wifi and a laundry room?” These questions and more are answered here in full detail.

Suggested Packing List

You can never have too many shoes, but that doesn’t mean you need to bring all of them with you on your Israel journey.

Click here for the list and details of what to pack (and what not to…).

Health Insurance

Every participant must have emergency medical coverage for the duration of the program. If you have your own policy from abroad, please provide proof of coverage. Otherwise, you will need to fill out additional forms and pay for insurance upon arrival to Tzfat (cost is $20/week). This policy covers accidents, injuries and illnesses, but not pre-existing medical conditions. View the full terms here.

Terms & Conditions

For the ‘fine print’ on payments, security, and more, click here.