Israel Programs Terms & Conditions

Deposit / Non-Refundable Application Fee

A $50 non-refundable application fee is included in the $250 deposit/tuition for Northern Exposure. If you are not accepted to the program, or if Livnot cancels the program, then the entire deposit amount–including the $50 application fee–will be refunded in full. A person who is confirmed for a program and cancels more than 21 days prior to the program is refunded the remainder of their deposit, minus the $50 application fee. A person who cancels 21 days or less prior to the program forfeits the entire deposit

If a participant is dismissed from the program for any reason or they decide to leave the program before the end of the program, they will be charged $75 a day for accommodations, food and program expenses

Space Allocation

Spots on Livnot programs are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis to those applicants who have completed the application process, including an interview, completion of all forms, requirements and payments of deposits and fees.

Living Arrangements

During the program, Livnot is responsible to provide reasonable living accommodations as determined by Livnot staff. A person who requires different arrangements for health or other reasons bears all financial responsibility for those arrangements, including any and all payments and fees.

Medical Coverage

It is essential that each participant is covered by medical insurance that is valid in Israel for the duration of the program. You will be asked to provide details of your medical insurance before the start of the program. A participant who is unable to provide these details will be charged $20 for the week and be placed under Livnot’s medical insurer.

Please Note: Psychological disorders are not covered by the health insurance provided. That means that treatments for such conditions are the sole responsibility of the participant.

Due to the nature of the program, its demands and content, Livnot does not accept to the program people diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

Free Time

The participant is responsible, financially and otherwise, for their transportation and other expenses while on free time. Livnot responsibility resumes upon the participant’s return to the program.

Safety and Security

Participants are required to follow all safety and security guidelines as defined by Livnot (these safety and security guidelines are in accordance with those of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel). This is true throughout the duration of the program, on hikes, tours, at all facilities and during any and all programmed free time. Livnot staff instructions, whether written or verbal, are to be followed at all times for the safety and security of the participant, staff and group and any and all others interacting or connected with the program and/or group in any way.


Violence of any sort, as determined by Livnot staff, is not tolerated on the program. It is grounds for immediate dismissal.

Drugs and Alcohol

Drug use is illegal in Israel. It is not permissible to use or possess illegal drugs on this program. If you get caught, you get deported.

Please do not bring any alcohol on campus. Abuse of alcohol as determined by the Livnot staff is grounds for dismissal from the program.

Sexuality Issues

There is no coed sleeping on campus (be sensitive to your roommates!). If someone hassles you, in any way, let us know immediately – whether it’s in town or on campus, whether it’s a stranger or a participant or even a staff member. Sexual harassment whether physical or emotional, is grounds for immediate dismissal from the program.

Please be sensitive to others in the community; for example, refrain from using offensive language or saying things that could embarrass people or hurt people’s feelings.

Married Couples

Livnot will make a reasonable effort to provide a married couple with joint living arrangements. These decisions will be based on space, room availability, financial considerations and group dynamics issues. There may be times when a couple will be separated to male/female rooms with other roommates if the need arises. Livnot reserves the right to make such decisions as it sees fit.

Dietary Restrictions

Livnot makes every effort to accommodate people’s individual dietary needs to a reasonable degree, as determined by Livnot staff. In the event that a person’s dietary needs cannot be accommodated, as decided upon by Livnot staff, the participant becomes financially responsible for his/her own requirements.

Participation in the Program

The program consists of many parts including hikes, community service, seminars, internships and other organized activities. Participants are expected to participate fully in all parts of the program. Failure to participate, coming late, disturbing activities and the like are grounds for dismissal from the program.