Bringing the Magic to You

Wisdom of our Sages to Survive in a Changing time

At Livnot, one of our core values is community. Everyone who walks through the doors of our campus knows that the magic of Livnot stays with you long after you physically leave the streets of Tzfat.

Educator: Michael Even Esh
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Sundays at 7:30 PM Israel Time

Topic: Chevrutah: Social Distancing / Coming together

Educator: Rav Meir Sendor
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Topic: Jewish Meditation for Community Consciousness

Educator: Yedidah Cohen
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Topic: And God created one soul: Insights from the Kabbalah on our essential unity and our unique individuality.

Shmuel Bowman
Educator: Shmuel Bowman

Topic: Freedom & Memory: Secrets from Ancient Scrolls

Educator: Yifat Levana Raphaeli

Topic: Chevrutah: Living like a King or a Victim