Livnot style Global Shabbat Project

The Global Shabbat Project – Livnot Style

Sukkot 2014 chevre Matthew Callman reflects on a Livnot Global Shabbat in Jerusalem.

Shabbat is the time of the week where all Jews are given the opportunity to rest, and recharge. The Shabbos Project took place this last Shabbat (October 24th-25th) all over the world. The purpose of this event was to get Jews from all over the world to come together, and participate in this weekly holiday. We did just that in the holy city of Jerusalem with Livnot Alumni and their friends. When you have a Shabbat dinner table with 30 young and energetic Jews, you know that Shabbat will be very entertaining. After coming off of a life changing week, up at Livnot this Sukkot, when I got the invitation to attend this event, I knew I had to be there. 

Shabbat is all about the atmosphere, and Livnot provided the atmosphere to participate in a family style Shabbat dinner. All 30 of us contributed to this dinner with food, wine, and of course a big smile on our faces. How can you not smile when you are singing and dancing around the table with people you just met!! But, it was not just the 30 of us celebrating. We were in only one of the 212 cities and 33 countries that the Shobbos Project was being held in. Not only did the 30 of us feel united together around the table, but we also felt united all over the world.


As I left Jerusalem Saturday night, I had some time to reflect on this experience. I came to conclusion that Shabbat is the time of week to come together and share ones experience they had this past week. Every individual had a piece of wisdom to share, and because we were all shut off from technology, we were able to truly appreciate what they had to say. I want to thank Livnot for this experience because if it was not for this Shabbat, I would not be as motivated to educate myself on what being a Jew really means.

Matthew Callman
Chevre Sukkot 2014

Shabbat at Livnot

Shabbat at Livnot

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