My Livnot Experience: Alana Cain

Alana Cain making challahShalom Chevre!  My name is Alana Cain and I am a senior at the University of Florida.  Following my freshman year of college I decided to go on Birthright with my friends and knew that I wanted to extend my trip and explore Israel on my own.  I did research and found out about Livnot U’Lehibanot through their website and knew that this was the perfect way to experience Israel and Tzfat in a more relaxed and spiritual way.

My experience at Livnot truly enhanced my trip to Israel. From 12 hour hikes in the Golan, taking dips in natural springs, exploring ancient temples in the North, shul “hoping” on Shabbas, visiting the nearest wineries, to starting up conversations with locals that turn into never-ending conversations about the meaning of life; I was hooked.  The following summer I took another trip to Israel and knew that I wanted to extend my trip again.  I decided that I would visit Livnot as part of my extension.  It was amazing being in Tzfat again and the magic was still there!  From saying hi to my artist friends in the artist colony to strolling the majestic streets, I was happy to be home.

Alana Cain VolunteeringThere’s something truly special about Livnot and I just cannot seem to put it into words.  It is more of a feeling from within.  The feeling of embracing your new friends on Shabbat and leaning off the balcony, watching the sunset over Mount Meron, while welcoming the Sabbath.  It’s a complete energy that engulfs you, where nothing matters but the present.

If you have experienced what I write then I dare you to close your eyes for a brief moment wherever you are and reminisce about your personal Livnot experience.  If you have not experienced this then I dare you to stop by on your next trip and experience what I can’t quite put into words for yourself.

I came into this program hoping for an amazing trip extension where I could climb some mountains and sight see.  Yet, the result was so much more.  I found a little spark from within me that wants to give a little more, learn more about the world and about people, and be a better person.  Livnot U’Lehibanot is my home away from home and a place where I am always welcome to escape reality, learn a little more about myself, and grow as a young-Jewish woman.

Thank you for allowing me this incredible experience Aharon, Meir, Yonaton, Alon, Doron, and the three generations of banot sheruit I am blessed to have bonded with and learned from!

All the Best

Alana Cain

Alana invites you to send her an email if you would like to hear more about her experience with Livnot: Alana.cain1(at)gmail(dot)com.

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