My Livnot Experience: Marc Faust, Onward Israel Internship

Ilan Shohat, mayor of Tzfat, with Marc Faust

Ilan Shohat, mayor of Tzfat, with Marc Faust

By: Dave Young, Onward Israel/Livnot U’Lehibanot Intern June 22, 2015 Marc Faust has been interning for a local start-up organization called The Tzfat Foundation. As part of Marc’s work, he runs the social media pages for the organization, markets to various businesses and people, and interacts with local Tzfat community members every day. Today I got to learn more about Marc’s internship. “I work at The Tzfat Foundation, which is a volunteer and non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the socio-economic status of Tzfat, Israel and its citizens. One of my favorite parts of work are meeting the local artists and citizens here in Tzfat. I get to advance my Hebrew skills every day at work. A lot of the artists have become my friends throughout my internship. I have really learned a lot this summer working for the foundation.” 11403102_10205862869105908_689730458374652825_n“I love living in Tzfat. It’s a very mystical city and I love how tight-knit the community is. The Old City, specifically, is amazing and magical. I could definitely see myself retiring here. I like walking around the city and checking out the local sights. There’s always something new to explore.” “The work is very rewarding for me because I get to see the direct results of my labor every single day. Working in a small start-up is a great environment. I get the freedom to make decisions that help the foundation on a day-to-day basis. My boss is a great guy and is personally one of my role models. I feel like the aspects of leadership I have picked up from working here are definitely going to help me in my future endeavors back home.” 10958812_10101517995856074_3070864763624430930_n“Back in the states, I live in Florida and go to school at Florida State University. I’m studying Economics and Politics and my work in Tzfat is perfect for my career goals. I have interned for the state government in Florida and my work in Tzfat for the foundation correlates with at experience. I also have experience in both sides of the local community experience. In Israel I get to be a part of the civilian approach to bettering society and I couldn’t appreciate it more. I love my work and can’t wait to get back to it tomorrow.” If you’re a former, current, or future Livnot chevre who wants to share your story, please contact [email protected]

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