My Livnot Experience – Michael Alexander

On my way to Tzfat I was prepared for a hiking trip and when my week was over I experienced much more than just a hiking trip. I left Livnot with a stronger connection to Judaism and Israel that changed my life.  This experience was a springboard for my return to Israel, a month later, but this time for 10 months. I joined Israel Teaching Fellows – Otzma and began volunteering in Petah Tikvah teaching English.

Looking back on my Livnot experience, I made a conscious decision to take advantage of every opportunity and I am struck by how much I grew because of it. While on my previous trip I had passed on jumping from a relatively high point into the water on the big hike, this time I faced that fear. While in the past I might have let someone else take the lead for our Shabbat skit, this time I took on that role.  In the past year I have tried to take my Livnot experience with me by trying to take advantage of every opportunity, to become fully engaged in life.


Experience Israel like never before.
Experience Israel with Livnot!
Shayna Rehberg
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Shayna Rehberg straddles the Gen X/Millennial divide in Tzfat with her four unique and creative children as an ‘unlabeled’ Jew. In all her spare time she also enjoys music, photography, blogging, collecting knives and teacups, swapping stories, and shopping in the shuk.