Pre-Rosh HaShana Greeting from Doron

Shalom Friends!

Hope your life is going well, and you are filling it with lots of meaningful and fun moments. I’d like to share with you one of my thoughts about Rosh HaShana, that I hope we’ll have the privilege to experience in a week and a half. Rosh HaShana is described in different Jewish texts as a day of judgment. Maybe it’s a good time to take a look how we judge ourselves and also those around us. We can pay attention to our deeds. The actions we automatically see – performed by us and others. Usually the picture that we see is not so brilliant. And this is the kind of judgment that can drive us to depression and even hatred of ourselves and others.

But there is a different way that we can look. We can try to open our eyes wider and look deeper and try to see the “person” behind the actions. From this perspective we can see that we are good inside, full of so many good wishes and intentions. And the same picture will appear when we take a look around. Let’s just imagine if there was a button that by pressing it we could erase all evil and bring infinite good to every being on Earth. Who wouldn’t press this button!!? That means our world is really full of amazing people! So, on this day, Rosh HaShana we are suggested to judge ourselves in this inner way, to decide for ourselves where our “head” is (Rosh-Ha-Shana literally means “a head of a year”), who are we and who we want to be, what purpose we want to serve. Then, after making this decision on Rosh HaShana and only after that, we can start looking later on towards Yom Kippur, how did last year’s deeds fit our real personality, and try to think what we can change to be more in tune with our deepest shining self. Here, at Livnot, we actually have an easy time. We are constantly blessed with amazing chevre. It is hard not to see the beauty shining from you all.

Livnot Sukkot in the Galilee

Our last program ended 3 days ago (that was so great!), which was our last for the summer. Next week two new Banot Sherut are arriving and we have several groups coming to spend Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur and have a taste of Livnot. We are running our next Northern Exposure program over Sukkot, so if you are in Israel join us! Also, pass on the word to friends and family directly and by posting the Sukkot program flyer on your Facebook timeline and the pages of your Israel programs.

One more thing, we are planning to run a pre-Rosh HaShana Q&A this Sunday, Sept. 1, 2013 at 22:00 in Israel (3 pm EST). If you are interested – please let us know (write to info[at]livnot[dot]org) and we’ll pass on details on how to connect.

I wish you all the best, and especially for the next year I’d like to bless you to be open all the time to be in a state of radical amazement!

-Doron Tal

Shayna Rehberg
[email protected]

Shayna Rehberg straddles the Gen X/Millennial divide in Tzfat with her four unique and creative children as an ‘unlabeled’ Jew. In all her spare time she also enjoys music, photography, blogging, collecting knives and teacups, swapping stories, and shopping in the shuk.