Saying goodbye, but not for the last time.

Here at Livnot, you may have a small, medium, or large group size spending time with you for 1-4 or even more weeks. It becomes evident early that you feel very at home with these people, and sometimes you even become best friends. A feeling may come over you that you begin to fear, “I will never see these people again once I leave!” Looking at saying goodbye this way can cause an overwhelming feeling of sadness, and a pain in your gut. Forget that way of thinking. You will always see these people again, whether it is in the physical, mental, or lets be honest technological world.

Livnot Campus MuralWith the world of Facebook, the opportunity is endless to set up meetings or events, have discussions, send messages, stalk friends and look at pictures.  The ball is in your court to keep in touch, and thanks to technology this is an easy thing to do. Google Hangout is another great idea to keep in touch. Imagine you just spent 4 weeks with 8 people you just felt so connected with, and had so much fun together just talking  and laughing. Jump on to Google Hangout and invite everyone into a conversation! Maybe even have a weekly/monthly meeting with everyone. You could even do a pre or post Shabbat hangout each week. Maybe you loved playing Apples to Apples in the Livnot living room? Play Cards Against Humanity on the Google Hangout app! You can even use Skype or Face Time to keep in touch.

The one thing not to forget about your experience at Livnot, is to make sure you take what you have learned and bring it back with you to wherever you go afterward. There is no easier way to keep your new friends near, than to keep all of your experiences, conversations, friendships, community service projects, etc. close to your heart. Never let that fire burn out, for hopefully you have all had an incredible experience and a kick start to the rest of a wonderful, fulfilling life!

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Ryan Silverman – Livnot Lifer

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Meir Paltiel
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