Simtaot – Zefat alleys

“Simtaot” is a new tourism experience in Tzfat that aims to make the story of Tzfat approachable to the many visitors and tourists who visit the city, through an interactive experience, with easy access through their smartphones.

Through their personal smartphone, visitors will be able to enter the site easily and for free watch a virtual tour, which will guide them through the story of Tzfat at different periods of history and be ccompanied by incredible local stories.

In “Simtaot Zefat” we have also prepared for the convenience of visitors a spectacular, unique map of the Old City of Tzfat, which can be provided (for 10 NIS) at the “Livnot U’Lehibanot” visitor center at Simtat Alkabetz 17.

Simtaout Videos

SIMTAOT – Welcome to Safed

SIMTAOT – H’Ari Hakadosh synagogue

SIMTAOT – Hameginim Square

SIMTAOT – Maggid’s Cave

SIMTAOT – Safed cover blue

Simtaout Zefat Map