The Livnot Hanukah Guide and Companion

Download the Livnot Hanukah Guide and Companion

Everything you need from latke recipes to making your own dreidel.

Hanukah CompanionHanukah is just around the corner! The festival of lights will begin on Tuesday 16 December until Wednesday 24 December, and we have created a Hanukah Guide and Companion to help you have a great Hanukah experience! Everything you need for your very own Hanukah celebration, from candle lighting blessings, stories of the Maccabees, recipes for tasty latkes and sufiganot, and even how to make your own dreidel! The Livnot Haukah Companion includes:

  • Blessings for lighting the candles
  • Hanukah songs including Maoz Tzur
  • Stories of Courage: Nationally and Personally
  • Hanukah Chevruta study sheet
  • Recipe for Hanukah Sufganiyot (Jelly Doughnuts)
  • The traditional and most delicious potato latkes recipe
  • Make your own dreidel
  • Extra songs for Hanukah

  Download our Hanukah Companion and get ready for a great holiday! Don’t forget to send us your pictures or videos from your Hanukah experience. Chag Sameach!  

Nick Henderson
[email protected]

Before making Aliyah from Scotland, Nick ran an international NGO called Youth End Poverty and worked with a number of non-profits and social change organisations, including the British Council, Oxfam and Save the Children. Nick was previously Social Media Manager / Alumni Relations Manager at Livnot. Now he lives in Jerusalem and is passionate about public health issues, and represents Israel at various international conferences on health policy.