Tu Bishvat Events – 2015

Tu Bishvat Alumni Events Around the World – 2015

This Tu Bishvat, come celebrate with Past Chevre in your own City!

Shalom to our Wonderful Past Chevre!                                                                                                                        Tu Bishvat is a signature Livnot program. Connecting nature & judaism, food & spirituality is an integral part of our educational platform. Aharon Botzer, our beloved CEO and founder, believes that Tu Bishvat is a great way of connecting the Jewish people to values and meaningful discussion (DMC!) that is accessible, universal and transferable to any location. The concept of a Tu Bishvat Seder, eating the seven species and learning sources about each fruit, was established in Tzfat in the 16th Century. Since then, Tu Bishvat has been a very widespread program in the Jewish world, and is celebrated by Jewish communities across the spectrum across the globe. Who doesn’t want to celebrate with discussions and food? Definitely, a classic Jewish event!   This Tu Bishvat, the Livnot staff with our Past Chevre and partner organizations are organizing 100 Tu Bishvat Seders around the world. Most of the events are in North America, from Coast to Coast, Canada, Israel and the UK. We also have some of the Chevre running events and Tu Bishvat Seders in Ethiopian, Spain, Australia, South Africa, Europe and even in South America. There are also 10 Federations who are running a Tu Bishvat Seder led by one of our Staff, Past Chevre or partners in the following cities: The UJA Federation of NY, CJP in Boston, UJA Federation of Toronto, The Jewish Federation of Miami, The Jewish Federation of  Palm Beach, The Jewish Federation of  Cleveland, The Jewish Federation of Detroit, The Jewish Federation of  Seattle, The Jewish Federation of St. Louis and The Jewish Federation of Vancouver. Our Past Chevre are organizing Seders in cities around the world, including: Toronto, Montreal, Boston, NYC, Kansas City, St. Louis, Vancouver, Seattle, San Diego, Los Angeles, Detroit, Leeds (UK), London (UK), Melbourne (Australia), Ethiopia (PeaceCore), Charlotte, Miami, Chicago, Portland, Jerusalem, Tzfat, Efrat, Beit Shemesh, Ma’alot, Mitzpeh Netofa, and many more cities! Other organizations who are participating in our Tu Bishvat initiative are: Moishe House (in 5 cities!), Hillel, JConnect, Dorot, Young Adults in KC, The Conservative Yeshiva, many Reform, Conservative and Orthodox Synagogues around the world and even some JCCs. But, 100 is just the tip of the iceberg of Livnot’s potential. Our Tu Bishvat initiative is a great way to bring Chevre together, introduce Livnot to new people and bring Livnot’s message to the Jewish world: Judaism is a holistic understanding of the world, and not all-or-nothing. Our Tu Bishvat Companion was released this year, right before the Limmud UK Conference, designed and edited by our very own Shlomo Tal and Nina Medved, who worked many hours to compile the Companion. Shlomo and Nina have led countless Tu Bishvat Seders on our program, and have seen how it opens up a refreshing understanding of Judaism and values. During one of the Tu Bishvat Seders I personally sat in on this past winter, there developed a fascinating discussion about what we can learn from the process of creating wine. Wine is made from grapes, yet if one compares grapes to wine there seems to be a disconnect – how can such an expensive and incredibly tasting wine come from a tart grape? The transformation is incredible! One of the messages learned was about understanding what potential we truly have. There are people who don’t appear to have many skills and are seemingly unrefined. However, once you truly get to know the person on a deeper level, you can see their tremendous potential. The Torah teaches us about how every person was created in God’s image, and if so then every person has a tremendous amount of potential inside of them, yet we don’t have the vision to see it right away. It is a process, just like extracting wine from a grape. The art of making even the mundane experience of eating into a Jewish event filled with discussions and values, is something that Livnot has refined over the years. It is a Judaism that Jews can relate to at any level of connection, and opens up the hearts and minds of everyone participating in the Seder. This is Livnot’s message to the Jewish world – creating ways for Jews to connect with their Heritage at any level, and in any setting. This Tu Bishvat, plug into our Seders around the world in your country! For more details about a Tu Bishvat event in your area, how you can plug in or to order copies of the companion, please contact Shmuel – [email protected], or Meir Paltiel, our Program Director, [email protected] Looking forward to seeing you at one of our Tu Bishvat Events! Ariel Tal Marketing Director, Livnot U’Lehibanot

Ariel Tal
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